Straight, Level, and Stability Solutions for Vinyl Fencing

The easiest way to guarantee that your fencing is as straight and level as possible is to ensure your posts are straight, level, and secure. For vinyl fencing, the best way to straighten and level your posts is to install pipe posts within the vinyl post sleeve and mount vinyl fence donuts on the pipe posts. The donut will act as a filler between the inner post and the vinyl post sleeve, preventing the vinyl from shaking or moving.

Vinyl Fence Donuts

What are Donuts?

Vinyl fence donuts, also called post leveling collars, are thick donut-shaped plastic rings or ring sets placed around the inner post in two locations. The set parts will fit together, with the smaller part having been screwed onto the inner post. Once both are placed upon the inner post, the post can be driven into the ground, and the vinyl post sleeve is placed over the inner post. This is seen as Fence Component F in this diagram.

When using donuts, ensure the inner post and the donut are the same size and that the smaller ring is placed below, the larger wing with the smaller ring cogs facing upward and the larger ring cogs facing downward. The smaller ring will need to be screwed onto the inner post, and a level will be needed to ensure all pipe posts are straight after driving them into the ground.

Vinyl Fence Donut Installation
Vinyl Fence Donuts Installed

"No-Dig" Donut

Donuts are a popular piece of hardware for converting chain link fencing into vinyl because the pipe post becomes the inner post, and it will likely already be level, so the donuts will need to be installed to fill the gap between the inner post and the vinyl post sleeve. This is why donuts are often called no-dig donuts because the pipe post or inner post has already been driven into the ground and eliminates the need to dig to pour concrete to place a mounting plate for the vinyl post sleeve to fit with.

Vinyl fence donuts are available in various standard-duty sizes and a heavy-duty option. Screws are also available for fastening the inner ring to the inner post before connecting the outer ring.

If you want to learn more about Vinyl Fence Fittings' vinyl fence donuts or the no-dig method, please view the following article or explore our Resources Hub.