How To Install A Vinyl Fence Without Digging With No-Dig Donuts

LMT Donut For Vinyl Fence

Do you already have a chain link fence or want an easier way to install a vinyl fence? No-dig donuts could simplify your fence installation without the need for private contractors.

What Are No-Dig Donuts, And How Do They Help Install A Fence Without Digging?

No-dig donuts help facilitate easy installation of vinyl post sleeves to posts. This is especially helpful if you have a professionally installed chain link fence. Donuts will stabilize your fence post and ensure a straight fence along with using a level. The advantage of using a donut is its adaptability. A donut that matches the sizing of your vinyl fence sleeve and steel pipe still has wiggle room if there are variations with your parts due to the manufacturer. Different donut sizes are available depending on the galvanized steel pipe you will connect them to.

Using A Donut When Converting a Chain Link Fence To A Vinyl Fence

The most critical part of using donuts when creating a fence is ensuring the ground post pipes are installed deep enough. If you want to use this method of pounding pipes into the ground, you’ll need a unique tool to help you out. You can use a post-pounder or driver to help you with this task.

Remember that if you install posts in the ground, you must follow municipal regulations about fences. Some cities require you to notify neighbors of a new fence, and you may not be allowed to place barbed wire or electrified fences in a yard. Also, steel posts usually need to go a couple of feet in the ground to ensure a sturdy fence. Remember that usually, 2 feet will go in the ground for a 4-foot fence. For every additional foot, you’ll need to add 3 inches. However, call your nearest municipal office before starting any fencing activity.

To Use A No-Dig Donut:

  1. Most donuts have two posts collars containing an inner and outer ring.
  2. Ensure the cogs face up with the inner ring and the cog with the outer ring faces down.
  3. Then, use self-tapping screws to fasten the smaller rings.
  4. Use a level to set the large rings of all the end and corner posts.
  5. Some people prefer putting the donuts on before pounding the post to the ground when using a light pipe so that it does not “mushroom” and make it challenging to sleeve collars overtop.

Types of No-Dig Donuts For Installing A Vinyl Fence Without Digging

If you are looking for the correct donut for your post, make sure that you choose a donut based on the steel pipe and vinyl post size. Do not only choose a donut based on the steel pipe or vinyl post. Also, if you are looking for a more durable donut, heavy-duty donuts offer more weather resistance if you plan on installing your fence in wet climates.

No-Dig Donuts For Vinyl Fence

If you have any other questions about donuts for no-dig vinyl fences, please get in touch with our helpful sales representatives.

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