How We Build No-Dig Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence With Spindles

When a vinyl fence is installed, you must dig holes and pour concrete and gravel into these holes. However, this method usually requires a contractor and can be messy if you are inexperienced with fence building. But fear not; there are other methods you can use to create a vinyl fence that requires no digging!

Use Steel Post For Your Vinyl Fence

Using a donut is one uncomplicated way of installing a vinyl fence without digging. The kind of donut used in vinyl fencing is created for post-leveling and can be used to place a vinyl fence post on top of a pipe. This installation offers multiple benefits, such as a stronger vinyl post installation and less work required when building a fence.

Some More Benefits Of Using This Method Include:

  • Easier Post Repair If One Breaks
  • Fewer Tools Required
  • No Landscape Destruction
  • Easier To Put Up a Fence In Harder to Reach Areas

If you had a chain link fence, you may already have pipes in the ground and wish to convert your fence to vinyl. This requires zero digging if you already have the components in the ground.

Tips For Installing A No-Dig Vinyl Fence

To follow this method, use a post-driver specially made for steel to put your steel post into the ground. If you already have posts in the ground, make sure they are sturdy and do not need any repairs. Depending on the terrain around your yard and municipal regulations, these steel posts may need to go into the ground a couple of feet.

A good rule is that 2 feet should go in for a 4-foot fence and an extra 3 inches for every additional foot. However, always consult with the city to ensure your fence follows all the correct regulations. Then, after this step is done, it is time to install your donuts. You usually need two donuts per post, but depending on your fence height, you may require more.

Each donut has two pieces: an inner and outer ring. With the inner ring cogs facing up, these donuts will go into the post. The outer ring with its cogs will face down. Then, use the correct screws to put this donut in place. Usually, self-drilling Tek screws are the best for securing donuts.

Final Vinyl Fence Installation Instructions

After placing the donuts, it is time to set the posts, rails, and caps in place. First, place the posts over the steel pipes, then insert the bottom rails, and after, set the post height. You can set your post caps with some vinyl glue adhesive. You only need a few drops to place your caps on the posts.

Don’t forget that after your fence is installed, you’ll need to keep the area around your fence dry. While vinyl fencing is highly resistant to weather damage, it still can be damaged. Some ornamental rocks around your fence will ensure that your fence can last even longer.

Other Brackets For Your Vinyl Fence Build

While donuts are one method to secure the vinyl post to steel post, all types of brackets can help you transition from a chain link fence to a vinyl fence. Other brackets may work better depending on the size of your fence posts. Post brackets can come in round and square varieties for any steel pipe.

Post Mount Bracket

Heavy-Duty EZ Set Vinyl Fence Post Mounting Bracket

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If you have more questions about vinyl fence posts, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our sales representatives can help clear up any additional questions you may have.

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