Vinyl Fence Mounting Brackets & Donuts

Though vinyl fencing is strong and durable, natural elements, animals, kids, and even you may test the durability of your vinyl fence system. The installation of vinyl fencing is quick and easy, but there are some fittings you may want to consider as you install your vinyl fence.

An important aspect of any fence is its ability to withstand nature and the occasional threat to its stability. Vinyl Fence Fittings recommends using a mounting bracket or post leveling collar to add a bit of stability to your vinyl fencing. While we can all appreciate the quick and easy installation of no-dig vinyl fencing, you must set a support post in place for your vinyl posts. However, because vinyl fencing is hollow, you will need to fill the gap between the support post and the vinyl to prevent the vinyl from rattling and potentially cracking.

Luckily, Vinyl Fence Fittings has a selection of mounting brackets and post leveling collars that will fill the gap and provide the stability your vinyl fencing system will need. Let's explore the options!

Vinyl Fence Donuts

Use vinyl fence donuts, also known as post leveling collars, to add stability to your fence. These donuts fit around the internal support post and then within the vinyl post. Easy to install, some slip right on, while others will require you to thread the rings together along the support post with the smaller ring on the top and the larger outer ring on the bottom. Two donuts or collars are required per post and for an extra snug fit, use self drilling tek screws to set in place on the support post.

Heavy-Duty EZ Set Vinyl Fence Post Mounting Brackets

Extend the life of your vinyl fencing system with Heavy-Duty EZ Set Vinyl Fence Post Mounting Brackets. Also referred to as Post Stiffeners, these brackets fit eternally to the steel support post and internally to the vinyl post. Usually, two brackets are needed per post, one near the bottom and another near the top. These brackets include the bolt, nut, and washers. Mounting brackets are available in various sizes for round or square steel posts, making converting an existing fence to a vinyl fence system easy.

EZ Set Brackets

EZ Set Brackets to stabilize your no-dig vinyl fence system. These are made of aluminum rather than heavy-duty plastic, are strictly for round posts, and come as a set. This includes multiple pieces of hardware with more assembly required. Similarly, two are needed per post, which is also a great stabilizer of posts for no-dig vinyl fence systems.

Which Is Best?

No one is necessarily better than the other. Any of these products are great options and will stabilize your vinyl fence system as it should. The Heavy-Duty EZ Set Vinyl Fence Post Mounting Brackets and No-Dig Donuts are offered in more options, though the EZ Set Brackets are offered in a pair. However, they are a bit pricier. The choice is up to you.

If you have any further questions about no-dig vinyl fencing products, please read the following resource articles, explore all no-dig post mounting bracket options, or contact our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!