Vinyl Fence For Dogs

Vinyl Fence Outside In Patio

Nothing is better than making sure your dog is safe while spending time outside. That is why, if you do not currently have a fence, installing a vinyl fence is an obvious way to offer more security while enhancing your landscaping design. Plus, vinyl fence provides additional benefits for your pup that chain link or iron fences do not; a quick summary is that vinyl fence is non-toxic, does not have sharp edges, and is strong.

Some Reasons Vinyl Fence Is The Superior Fence For Dogs

Vinyl Fences Are Made From Non-Toxic Materials

All fittings and parts of the fence, if created by a quality manufacturer, such as LMT, should be made from virgin vinyl resin. These products do not contain recycled products, unlike cheap competitors. If you install a fence near animals, the materials from your vinyl fence must be non-toxic—dogs, especially puppies, like to chew and lick any and all surfaces. Recycled vinyl fences have phthalates; this substance is used to manufacture recycled vinyl products. The ecology center states that vinyl plastics with phthalates can cause many ailments in humans and animals, including interference with male hormones.

To top this all, recycled vinyl is not as strong as virgin vinyl. Imagine if your large dog attempts to jump over the fence and accidentally breaks a fitting off. Virgin vinyl fittings will break evenly, while recycled vinyl products may produce dangerous shards that could put your pet at risk. While virgin vinyl is more costly, it is worth it when it comes to the health of your animals.

Vinyl Fence Do Not Have Sharp Edges

Unlike chain link fences, vinyl fences do not have sharp wiring that could poke out and harm your pet. Vinyl fences are safer for children and pets that will bump into them. Along with this, chain link fences offer an easier escape for pets. Dogs can slip under the tension wire or through the gap between a post and a gate. For these reasons, vinyl fence offers more ease of mind when keeping your pup in your yard.

Vinyl Fence Is Stronger Than You Think

While you may think vinyl fences are all for show, they resist weather damage. Many manufacturers offer extended warranties on vinyl fence panels and fittings. Most vinyl fences can withstand hurricane gust forces of up to 130 MPH. They are much better at navigating difficult weather situations than chain link fences. Therefore, the best way to keep your dog safe is by having a vinyl fence that will not break due to weather.

Vinyl Fences Offer More Customization

While you may think this is not important if you are a dog owner, you may prefer adding a sturdy gate latch made of vinyl to ensure your dog doesn’t escape. Self-closing hinges and latches will help keep your pets inside your yard when people exit and enter an area. Some accessories available for vinyl fences are not available for chain link fences, such as multiple vinyl post caps and ADA railing.

When keeping your dog safe, a vinyl fence is a durable way for your pet companions to enjoy the outdoors. If you are interested in looking through our fittings, browse our selection.

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