What Type Of Vinyl Fence Is The Best?

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Contrary to popular belief, not all vinyl fences are the same. In fact, the vinyl used to create the fence will influence the durability of the individual parts of the fence. For example, while recycled vinyl may sound great, it may not be the best material for your fence based on where it will be used. So, if you want to know the best material for a vinyl fence, it is virgin vinyl.

What Is Virgin Vinyl?

Virgin vinyl is vinyl made into a fence that has never been created before. Virgin vinyl consists of ethylene and chlorine. When these compounds come together, they form ethylene dichloride. After, the ethylene dichloride is transformed when heated into a chloride monomer. The final step is to take the chloride monomer and run it through a polymerization process to create polyvinyl chloride resin finally. This is vinyl in its purest form.

Once the manufacturer finishes these steps, they can turn the vinyl into a fence or rubber. Vinyl is highly versatile and is used for many products. Throughout this process, the vinyl develops heat and UV resistance. As you can see, creating virgin vinyl is a long process that gives vinyl all the good qualities it needs to make up parts of a residential fence.

Why Should You Not Use Recycled Vinyl?

Despite recycling vinyl being a positive for the environment, these recycled products are unsuitable for fences near animals. Depending on the recycled product, it may contain too many Phthalates. Information from the Ecology Center states that this chemical used to give further flexibility to vinyl could cause issues with male hormones and female fertility. Therefore, avoiding products with lots of phthalates for your vinyl fence is best.

Benefits Of Using Virgin Vinyl For Your Fence Fittings

Products from LMT, a manufacturer that makes products in the USA, are created from 100% virgin vinyl, so you won't need to worry about harmful chemicals near your livestock, pets, or children.

Unlike recycled vinyl, virgin vinyl from LMT is:

  • Extremely durable
  • Not mixed with other vinyls
  • Will not warp, dent, shrink, chip, or crack
  • Has UV inhibitors that will stop fading throughout the years

Ensure you always look for virgin vinyl when purchasing any vinyl product for your household.

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