How To Install Vinyl Fence Post Caps

Post Cap For Vinyl Post Cap

Want to install vinyl post caps to your fence, deck, or porch but need help figuring out how? We are here to help! Installing vinyl post caps is a simple and painless process that enhances the outdoor space's appearance. Adding post caps to your outdoor fixtures helps to finish the look and prevents possible damage to your fence or deck posts by protecting them from water and debris build-up.

How To Install Vinyl Post Caps

Before the installation begins, it is crucial to ensure you take proper measurements of your fence or deck post. Depending on if you are installing on a vinyl post or a wood post will make a huge impact not only on installation but also on what size cap you will need, as vinyl caps fit differently on vinyl and wood posts. To learn how to accurately measure your posts and purchase the correct cap every time, visit the How To Measure Your Posts & Post Caps page.

How To Measure Your Posts & Post Caps

Once you have purchased the proper caps for your project, it is time to install them. To install your vinyl post caps, slide the cap over the top of your post. If the correct size was purchased, it should be a snug fit. For extra security, add a few dabs of vinyl glue to the inside sides of the cap before you place it on the post.

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