ADA Railing

Create a continuous code handrail on any stairway or ramp. Our ADA railing parts have been tested and complied with requirements within the IRC (International Residential) and IBC (International Building) codes. Our railing systems can be easily mounted onto vinyl, wood, composites, steel, concrete, or aluminum without any special tools.

ADA Railing Parts And Features

• 1-1/2" O.D. (Outside Dimension) - Meets The Americans with Disabilities Act Grasp-Ability Requirements
• Unique Adjustable Internal Joiner Accommodates Any Transition, Stair Or Ramp Angle
• Hidden Fasteners Create An Improved Look Over Other Available ADA Systems
• Colors Available: Black, White, Almond, Khaki, And Acorn Colors To Suit Your Personal Style
• Comprised Of Cast Aluminum Components That Are Powder Coated To Maintain Durability Color
• Can Be Installed In Virtually Any Stair Or Ramp Configuration


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It's All About Angles

LMT ADA railing systems have a history as the nation's most innovative, code-compliant railing system available. With stairs and ramps, it's all about angles. Our adjustable internal joiner can fit a wide range of angles for tricky stair and ramp transitions. Simply cut the rail to the desired length using a miter saw, adjust the joiner to the desired angle, and apply epoxy to hold it in place.

Adjustable Joiner

This unique joiner accommodates angles from 0-90 degrees. Most ADA-compliant handrail is pre-bent and, therefore, almost impossible to get right when installing. We understand that no two stairs or ramps are alike; with our ADA railing system, code compliance and fast installation is the norm.


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