Will Vinyl Fence Reduce Noise?

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Wanting to enjoy your outdoor space, but seem to be overwhelmed by unwanted noise? While this issue is not something you can tangibly see it can play a key role in preventing you and your loved ones from appreciating your home’s outdoor entertainment areas. However, you do not need to worry about this problem forever affecting your ability to enjoy the open air at your own home.

Thankfully, you can easily and efficiently block noise pollution from ruining your outdoor environment. By installing a vinyl fence you can now peacefully take pleasure in your yard without having to hear the hustle and bustle of the world around you.

How Tall Should Your Fence Be?

To effectively block noise from entering your yard it is recommended that your vinyl fence be at least 6 to 8 feet tall. Unlike traditional-sized fences that are commonly between 4 and 5 feet tall, a sound barrier fence needs to be tall enough to fully deflect sound waves from entering your backyard or other outdoor spaces.

A fence this size not only blocks sound from polluting your home’s outdoor areas but also has the added benefit of giving elevated security to your home. Your vinyl fence will keep nosy neighbors and other unwanted attention away from your home so you can have full peace of mind.

Should Your Fence Be A Certain Style?

Like the size of your fence, the style of your vinyl fence also plays a key role in blocking the sound from entering your yard. While picket fences add charm to any yard, they are not great at blocking noise. To truly protect your yard from experiencing any unwanted sound you will need a fence that has solid slats that do not have as little to no spacing between them as possible. These slats will create a physical barrier that will make it difficult for the sound to penetrate.

What Else Can Help Reduce Outdoor Noise?

While vinyl fence is effective at muffling outdoor noise from invading your space so you can fully enjoy it, you might be interested in adding other elements to not only help reduce sound but also elevate the look of your yard. Below is a list of plants that can assist in blocking unwanted noise from interrupting your peaceful backyard oasis, as well as add to the look of your yard.

  • Holly Trees & Shrubs
  • Arborvitae Trees
  • Cypress Trees
  • Western Redcedar
  • Juniper
  • White Pine
  • Murraya

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