Where To Get Lattice Panels

Adding lattice panels is a fun way to add extra flair to a vinyl fencing or patio project. These panels are created to withstand outdoor weather and are easy to clean. But you may wonder if they are suitable for your project. Do you prefer wood or vinyl lattice? Well, there are pros and cons to any material you choose, but you can rest assured that vinyl lattice is a durable material that looks great and will last many years.

What Are Some Benefits Of Adding Lattice Panels To My Project?

Not only will lattice panels add a decorative touch to your project, but they can also:

  • Stand up to any weather conditions
  • Offer UV resistance and avoid sun damage
  • Hide unappealing parts of a deck build
  • Easily be cleaned with some water and vinegar

On top of these, lattice panels are available in white, khaki, or almond to help you achieve a match with your vinyl railing or fencing.

Why Is Vinyl Superior To Wood Lattice

Vinyl lattice is far better than wood lattice due to its weather-resistant properties. Since wood is a natural material, it is more likely to attract insects, such as termites, that will slowly eat wood and could cause you lots of money in damage. You’ll also need to complete yearly maintenance, such as pressure washing, scraping, and wire brushing. After this, you may need to repaint or stain it. If you are not looking forward to spending more time on your wood lattice each year, choose vinyl.

Another negative of wood lattices is that they are less strong and durable than vinyl. If you are looking for a more customized design, wood lattices are restricted to how the wood can be arranged. Vinyl is a more flexible material that can be arranged in multiple designs, such as diamond or square shapes.

Are There Any Negatives To Vinyl Lattice?

Some negatives to vinyl lattices include that they may be slightly more challenging to install than wood and cost more. You may also not enjoy the “unnatural” look of vinyl lattices. However, all in all, vinyl lattices are the far better choice.

Privacy Lattice With Border

Where Can You Find Vinyl Lattices?

Looking for high-quality American-made vinyl lattices? LMT makes high-quality lattices that have a natural wood grain look and are offered in multiple colors. If you are searching for the best lattice for your outdoor project, view all options below:

Vinyl Lattice Panels