What Tool Do You Use To Cut Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl Picket Fence

Whether building a new vinyl fence or repairing an existing one, knowing what tools work best for the job is essential. To achieve the best-looking fence possible, we recommend that our customers follow these necessary beginning steps when installing a vinyl fence:

  • Measure (and then measure again)
  • Mark your intended fence line
  • Have all post holes dug
  • Have all your needed parts and tools available

Once these steps have been completed, you can move forward. The proper tools must be used when cutting your vinyl fence posts to their intended height. A circular saw with a fine-tooth blade will be needed for best results. A circular saw can provide the best uniform appearance, while the fine-tooth blade assures a smooth cut in the vinyl.

Cutting vinyl fence posts is difficult, even with the proper tools. We advise all our customers to exercise extreme caution when cutting and installing their vinyl fences.

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