What To Clean Vinyl Fence With

Vinyl Fence Cleaning Of Post Cap

Like any other fence type, vinyl fences need a deep cleaning every few months to ensure they keep looking as they should. Even though many vinyl fence parts, such as vinyl fence post caps, are UV-resistant, that does not mean grime and other contaminants do not shorten their life. Please make the most of your fence parts by ensuring they are free of mold or dirt.

How To Clean Parts Of Your Vinyl Fence

you’ll need white vinegar and water to clean your vinyl fence. This is the gentlest way to clean your fence and will not cause scratching if you use a soft rag. On the other hand, if mold is already on your fence and it does not want to come off with this method, you’ll need to pick another option. Another more intense method is using bleach to scrub the fence. While this may work, any scrubbing could cause some scratching. If this is not something you enjoy doing to a newer fence, stick to the white vinegar and water method.

Can You Paint A Vinyl Fence?

Because of their porous surface, vinyl fences do not adhere well to many paint types. It is possible to paint a vinyl fence, but it will completely change the properties of your fence. For example, if you paint over your vinyl fence, you will no longer be able to clean the fence with water because this could strip away the paint. Therefore, if your fence looks like the color is fading, you may want to replace the parts that don’t look great on your vinyl fence instead of painting over them.

Proper Maintenance Of Your Vinyl Fence

To properly maintain your vinyl fence, wash it with water every week and dust it off if there is a lot of wind or rain in your area. Use a power wash to clean your vinyl fence every few months, wipe it down with vinegar and water, and use a soft rag. If you follow these steps, your vinyl fence will stay in shape for many years. Remember that your vinyl fence is like any other outdoor structure and will need a small amount of maintenance. Also, when cleaning your vinyl fence, remember to clean your vinyl post caps, decorative inserts, or other fittings attached to your vinyl fence.

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