What's The Difference Between Blu-Mount And General Purpose Mounts?

When looking at vinyl railing post mounts, you may see Blu-mount and general-purpose mount options. These two options may look similar, but they have distinct uses. Blu-mount post mounts are created to be installed on concrete, wood, and composite decking. On the other hand, general-purpose vinyl railing mounts are only designed for vinyl posts and will stay in place. So, depending on your post needs, you will need one or the other.

Blu-Mount Vinyl Railing Post Mounts

Blu-mount railing post mounts are ideal for placing on concrete, wood, and composite decking. It is durable enough to ensure leveling and is made with Q235 steel. This material also has a Dichromate coating that protects from rust and will work in even the most severe environments.

Key Features:

  • Can Be Installed Quickly
  • Has An Adjustable Leveling Feature That Allows For Accurate Installation
  • Includes Two PVC Guides
  • Available In Multiple Heights
  • Compatible With Concrete, Wood, and Composite Decking

General Purpose Vinyl Railing Post Mounts

These post mounts are created solely for vinyl railing and have a galvanized steel finish. They include PVC leveling guides that will allow for accurate post-installation. Installation is easy and gives you a finished look for your vinyl railing on a deck or other structure.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Cut Hole For Installation
  • Ensures Your Posts Are Securely Installed
  • Includes A PVC Top Leveling Guide, PVC Guide, And Shims
  • Various Heights Available For All Your Vinyl Fence Rail Needs

Is The Blu-mount Post Better Than A General Purpose Post Mount?

There is no "better" or "best" option, and the type of post you need is more likely based on what you will use the post mount for. If you only need a post mount for vinyl railing, then a general-purpose post mount is the correct answer. However, if you would like a post mount for various other projects, the Blu-mount post is ideal. The Dichromate coating may make it last longer, so this option may also be better for severe weather environments.

The Ideal Post Mount For Your Railing Project

If you are looking for the correct post mount for your project and unsure what to order, please get in touch with our sales representatives. They are always happy to help you choose between Blu-mount or general-purpose post mounts.

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