What Is The Purpose Of Vinyl Fence Clips?

clips for vinyl fence

The most common parts of any vinyl fence are the posts, vinyl post caps, and rails. However, if you’ve never heard of vinyl fence clips, these are handy setup pieces that make installation a breeze. Vinyl post clips are created to join horizontal rails or vertical posts without requiring glue or brackets. If you’re looking for the easiest way to install a vinyl fence, this is a quick way to get the job done without investing in messy glue or complicated brackets.

What Kinds Of Vinyl Fence Clips Are Available?

While most clips join rails or posts, others can join a picket to a horizontal fence or lock the rail in place. If you have a Certainteed vinyl fence, rail locks that are circular rings are used for the post and rail. Locks and clips are both useful to create a smoother fence installation.

Do Rail Clips Or Locks Come In Different Colors?

Most rail clips and locks come in white to match the color of most vinyl fences. However, rail clips and locks will not be seen from the outside, so even if you receive another color, it will not be seen. If you choose a rail lock for a Certainteed vinyl fence, it is available in a black finish, but again, it will not be seen from the outside.

What Are Vinyl Clips And Locks Made From?

As you may have guessed, clips and locks are usually made from PVC with ten parts TiO2. If you’re not sure what that means, it is a way to describe virgin vinyl made with Titanium Dioxide. This cover of Titanium Dioxide helps keep the ultraviolet rays from warping the vinyl or discoloration for a long time.

Products made with virgin vinyl are not made with recycled products. While recycling is always great, it is not the case when creating a new vinyl part. Sometimes recycled vinyl can have impurities from the extrusion plant or use lower quality vinyl that will discolor and provide less durability. Therefore, looking for vinyl products created with virgin vinyl is best.

Vinyl Clip And Lock Selection:

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