What Is The Difference Between Vinyl Fence Brackets And Vinyl Fence Clips?

If you're setting up a new vinyl fence or purchasing replacement parts, you may be slightly confused about whether you need clips or brackets. Despite being used similarly, clips and brackets are two different fittings that could help you stabilize your fence.

Vinyl Fence Clips

While Fence brackets are usually used to connect a rail panel to a post, fence clips are more versatile and can connect hot wire, a rail, or vertical pickets to posts. These clips come in various designs, and round rail locks are available for Certainteed vinyl fences. While black and white colors are available in fence clips, these clips fit internally instead of externally, so it does not matter what color a fence clip is.

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Vinyl Fence Brackets

Vinyl fence brackets are created to connect panel rails to posts. These brackets fit externally onto a rail and are available in many sizes. These brackets are usually available in white or almond. While standard brackets are available, 45-degree eclipse brackets can also be purchased. These eclipse brackets allow for installation at a 45° angle when a standard installation method is not feasible.

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What Other Parts Are Necessary For A Vinyl Fence Installation?

You may need post skirts for your vinyl fence or post caps to create a vinyl fence. Post caps go at the top of your fence posts, and post skirts add a decorative touch to your vinyl fence post. Other vinyl fence fittings include post mounts, ADA railing, screws, and rivets. Depending on what type of fence you are building, you may also need these parts to finalize your fence.

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