What Is A Post Skirt?

Post Skirts

A post skirt is a vinyl accessory that can be easily added to any vinyl fence, deck, or railing that has been mounted to a solid surface. Post skirts add a sleek and finished look to your vinyl structures with little effort. Available in one- and two-piece models, these post skirts are simple to install and built to last. Slide or snap the skirt onto your vinyl post and instantly see the difference.

At Vinyl Fence Fittings, we have a wide range of post skirts offered in different colors, sizes, and styles so you can find the best fit for your outdoor space. All our post skirts are fashioned from durable and high-quality vinyl that is guaranteed not to fade, warp, or discolor over time. We proudly say that all our vinyl post skirts are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Post Skirt Colors Available For Vinyl Fence:

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