Vinyl Railing Rooks

If you are looking for a no-dig method to complete your vinyl post installation, look no further than vinyl fence post rook kits. These kits come with two rooks and are made from 100% PVC for extended durability. If you are still determining if this is what you want, learn more about vinyl railing rooks here.

What Are The Benefits Of Rooks For Vinyl Railing?

Not only do rooks stabilize a round metal pipe when adding a vinyl post on top of it, but they also offer extended protection against heavy winds and other inclement weather. Best of all, all rook kits come in various sizes to fit your vinyl railing and post.

Some other positives of installing a rook kit include:

  • No dig installation of a vinyl fence
  • Allows you to install various wall thicknesses of vinyl posts
  • Can convert a chain link fence to a vinyl fence
  • It lets you install a vinyl fence in complicated areas

Can You Install A Vinyl Fence Over A Chain Link Fence?

You can install a vinyl fence over a chain link fence if your metal posts are still secure. Remember that over the years, wear and tear can change the structural integrity of the concrete you have installed your post in. If your post is damaged or invalid, avoid installing a vinyl fence on top and starting a new fence build. However, if you notice your posts are not in a straight line, rooks can account for some variation in the formation of the vinyl fence. However, it is first necessary to check your posts before commencing this project. If your chain link fence is relatively new and has little weather degradation, it will save you time to install vinyl posts on top of the existing metal posts.

Vinyl Railing Rooks For A New Fence Installation

Vinyl railing rooks come in various sizes from 1 5/8” to 2 ½” round. They are available in white, but since they are not visible from the outside, you can use them on various vinyl fence colors, such as tan or white. Rooks keep your fence secure and offer more stability when adding metal posts to your installation process.