Vinyl Post Leveling Collars

Red Donut For Leveling Vinyl Fence

The latest installation method for vinyl fences involves a no-digging way that offers a faster installation and consists of driving posts directly into the ground. Along with being faster, it is also a cheaper process since you do not need to spend additional money on concrete to set up your posts. When using this method, most people choose donuts as a leveling method. Vinyl fence donuts are created to supply the stable installation of vinyl post sleeves. They will help your vinyl fence post easily sit over the metal post without moving around.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Fence Post Donuts

This red donut is created for a 5” x 5” post and 2 3/8” OD pipe. If you want the sturdiest vinyl fence donut, this is for you. It is made from heavy-duty materials and will instantly provide more stability to your installation.

Key Features:

  • Can fit post with wall thickness: 0.150” or less
  • Can be adjusted to allow for variation
  • Easily install vinyl fence post sleeves to metal posts
  • Fits Post Size: 5” Sq.
  • Fits Pipe Size: 2 3/8” OD

Some Key Steps When Using A Vinyl Fence Donut

When using a vinyl fence donut, ensure that you:

  • Use at least two donuts per post
  • Make sure the collar assembly is placed over the pipe before it is pounded into the ground
  • Before using the donut, take time to make sure you are not pounding into utilities

  • Additional Instructions For Leveling Collars For Vinyl Fences

    If you are attempting to get all your posts in a straight line, it is best to rely on a string to help you complete this mission. The string should be run about three inches within your property to avoid accidental encroaching. A post pounder or driver is a great tool to help you complete the installation of your posts. A gas-powered one will save you additional time.

    Heavy-duty red donuts are the most durable solution if you need a donut for your vinyl fence installation. These donuts are weather-resistant and will keep your fence straight for many years.

    Leveling Donuts