Importance Of Screws For Vinyl Fencing

Screws are essential to any fencing system. For vinyl fencing systems, screws are used for structural support, while pin, push locks, screw caps, and hole plugs are valuable for protecting the inside of your vinyl fencing and will complete the fence's visual appeal.

Why Are Screws Required?

Screws are important for every type of fencing system. Vinyl fence screws attach individual components and secure the fence together. Screws will add to the stability of your fence, while screw caps and hole plugs will help with aesthetics and defense against corrosion and internal damage.

Vinyl Fence Screws And Push Locks

Vinyl fence screws and push locks are integral to the fence's structure. These will connect fence parts, such as posts, rails, brackets, and more. Push locks will also connect individual components requiring a gentle push into the pre-drilled hole rather than screwing into the fence.

Screw Caps & Hole Plugs

Screw caps protect screw heads from the elements and, for visual appeal, to hide the screw head among the fencing. Hole plugs are available in white as a strip of twelve. These are also used for aesthetics to cover unused holes and to protect your fence from being infested by insects.

Tips For Best Screws And Installation

The best screws for vinyl tend to be screws that are washer-head or self-drilling. If it is not self-drilling, predrilling is recommended. It is important to use screws and drill bits designed for vinyl use because incorrect screws may cause cracks or weakening of the fence.

Vinyl Fence Fittings offers a variety of vinyl fence screws, push locks, screw caps, and hole plugs for structure and aesthetics. Products range in size, color, and availability; some are available individually, and some must be purchased in a pack.