Vinyl Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Top Piece Of A Vinyl Fence Called?

The top piece of a vinyl fence is likely called a post cap. A post cap is a decorative and functional element of a vinyl fence. Post caps cover the top of each post, protecting the interior from natural elements, and can be styled to your vinyl fence. If this is not what you are referring to as the top piece, you may mean the vinyl fence rail. The top rail is also an essential part of a vinyl fence; it completes the fence's function as a barrier and adds to the security of each post.

Can You Replace One Part Of A Vinyl Fence?

Of course! You can replace almost any single part of your vinyl fencing. Vinyl Fence Fittings has a collection of vinyl fence parts that can be used in the initial installation of your fence or to repair and replace parts of your vinyl fence, should it be damaged. We have vinyl fittings and hardware, post caps, and tools to aid in reinstallation.

How Do I Remove A Vinyl Fence Rail?

To remove a vinyl fence rail we recommend using our vinyl post and rail remover tool. This tool is designed to help you unlock the rail tab without breaking it. Insert the blades on either side of the rail to unlock the tabs and remove the rail.

Vinyl Fencing

How Do I Install Vinyl Without Digging?

A common method of installing vinyl fencing is to place your vinyl over existing chain link fencing, using the existing posts as support posts. If you are looking to install a vinyl fence without having a previous fence, Vinyl Fence Fittings recommends the no-dig method. With the no-dig method, you must pound your support posts into the ground and slip the vinyl post sleeve over. We offer no-dig donuts and mounting brackets that will fill the gap between the support post and the vinyl post, limiting damage and movement.

Should I Glue On My Post Caps?

While often post caps fit snuggly on the post, if you live in a climate with stronger winds or have rambunctious kids or pets, you may want to secure your post caps better. A great option is gluing down your post caps. However, you will want to use our vinyl fence glue because it is weather-resistant, dries clear, and is specifically designed for vinyl fencing.

Will My Vinyl Fencing Fade Over Time?

Your vinyl fencing will not fade. Designed and manufactured by LMT, all vinyl fittings, post caps, and hardware are high-quality and weather-resistant vinyl. Vinyl, mistakenly referred to as PVC or plastic, actually differs chemically by having UV inhibitors that will prevent sun damage, fading, and discoloration.

If you have any further questions about vinyl fencing that was not covered here please feel free to explore our Resources Hub or get in touch with our sales representatives.