The Rook Post Mount – For Vinyl Fences

Rook Kit For No-Dig Fence Installation

Despite having many options for installing no-dig vinyl fence posts, one overlooked method is a vinyl fence rook kit. These rook post donuts are created to secure your steel post to your vinyl fence post. But you may wonder why this method is the easiest do-it-yourself option for your vinyl fence installation. The simple answer is that rook kits help secure your steel post and keep your vinyl post from sliding.

How To Install Post Mount Rooks

To install post-mount rooks first:

  1. Lay your steel post on a flat surface and slide the rook post mounts into position. The top rook should be 2” down from the top of your pole, and the bottom rook should be placed 6” away from the ground surface.
  2. After completing this, attach your rooks to your pipe using self-drilling screws. Use at least four screws per rook.
  3. Remove the top rook screw and let it rest on your bottom rook.
  4. Use a post driver to place your steel post in the ground. If you have this tool, the best option is to pre-drill a pilot hole with an auger.
  5. Attach the top rook to your steel post with the pilot holes from step two.
  6. Place the vinyl post sleeve outside the rooks to finish the installation process.

What Are Rooks Created From?

Rooks are created from 100% PVC. These rooks are used as a spacer to act as a channel to secure your steel posts to vinyl posts. This is the top method contractors use to install vinyl fences because it is fast and stable.

What Sizes Are Available In Rook Post Donuts?

Rook donuts come in sizes fit for 5” and 4” vinyl posts and 2 3/8”, 2”, and 1 5/8” round sizes for metal posts. Remember that you’ll need the exact size for your vinyl and steel posts since these two parts vary in size.

Rook Post Donut Color Selection

Rook kits come in the standard white, but since these go under your vinyl fence posts, you do not need to match your rook to your vinyl fence. If you are looking for the best way to secure your vinyl fence to a steel post, rook kits are an easy and long-lasting option for your fence installation.

Looking for the ideal rook kit? Find out more about rook kit donuts below: