Should Your Vinyl Fence Touch The Ground?

Vinyl Picket Fence Not Touching Ground

Looking at many vinyl fences may give you the impression that this type of fence touches the ground, but, on the contrary, vinyl fences, if installed correctly, should not touch the ground at all. Any fence that touches the ground, whether vinyl or wood, is more susceptible to the elements. However, this is not why vinyl should not touch the ground. Snow, sagging, and frost are all things you should think about before placing your vinyl fence directly on the ground.

What Weather Damage Can Occur If Vinyl Fences Touch The Ground?

Not only will constantly touching damp ground cause molding damage, but if you experience heavy snowfall or frost, if a vinyl fence touches the ground, it will heave with frost or not be able to contain the weight of the snow. Since snow can weigh a lot, it can cause your vinyl fence to begin moving towards one side and allow the dreaded sagging issue that will now make your fence look uneven.

How High From The Ground Should You Install Vinyl Fence?

Most experts agree that you should install a vinyl fence about one to two inches from the ground. This gap should be a manageable size. Usually, this is not such a noteworthy gap that will make your vinyl fence look unsightly.

Can You Fill The Gap Between Your Vinyl Fence And The Ground?

If you are looking for a fast solution to fill the gap between your vinyl fence and the ground, you can use the following:

  • Small rocks
  • Dirt
  • Vinyl Fence Gap Blockers
  • Concrete
  • Mulch

Remember that if you choose concrete to fill the gap, it is a permanent solution, and you will not be able to move your vinyl fence again quickly. If you are on a budget, dirt is the most economical way to fill the gap. However, the preferred method is decorative rocks. These rocks look great in any landscape and are available in many colors. Many vinyl fence owners get creative and sometimes use bricks or hedging to cover these spaces. If you have a pet, you’ll want to cover these gaps so they cannot slip through.

When installing a vinyl fence, always place space between the bottom of the fence and the ground below. You’ll thank yourself later when you won’t suffer any damage due to your fence being too low.

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