Post And Rail Top Ties

While you may know the essential components of a vinyl fence, such as the post caps and post sleeves, one hardware piece you may skip out on when installing a vinyl fence is rail ties. While they may look small, rail ties are necessary to help posts and rails endure less stress. These budget-friendly rail ties, sometimes called vinyl fence quick ties, also delay damage from outdoor environments, such as cracking and shifting, that may occur as the vinyl fence ages. If you’re interested in learning more about rail ties but are unsure where to start, this handy guide will set you on the right path.

Popular Rail Tie Features

Nylon Top Rail Tie For 5 x 5 Sq. Vinyl Fence Post - V-TRT

Nylon Top Rail Tie For 5" x 5" Sq. Vinyl Fence Post - V-TRT

  • Easy Installation
  • Stops Top Rail From Falling Out
  • Replace The More Outdated "Keeper Screw" Method
  • Avoid Damage To Vinyl Materials
Vinyl Top Rail Tie (Fits 5 x 5 Sq. Vinyl Fence Post)

Vinyl Top Rail Tie (Fits 5" x 5" Sq. Vinyl Fence Post)

  • Both Rail Ties Fit Post Size: 5" Sq.
  • Keeps Posts Lasting Longer
  • Available In White Or Red
  • Prevents Outdoor Deterioration

Secure Your Vinyl Fence With Top Rail Ties

To summarize, rail top ties, when added to a rail and post, help distribute the weight of the rail evenly and cause less stress on your vinyl fence.

To learn more about rail top ties, view the manual below.

Learn More About Rail Top Ties