No-Dig Vinyl Fence Installation Benefits

Adjustable Post Collar

Installing a vinyl fence can sometimes be a long and tedious task. Mixing and pouring cement for the fence posts is dirty and requires digging out the holes. If something were to break and you need a new fence section installed, you will have to dig out the concrete and re-install the fence posts. This process tears up the yard and takes time to look new again.

Having a no-dig installation for vinyl fence is a great benefit. There is no messy cement, less labor, and it makes the fence sections way easier to replace. A no-dig vinyl fence installation requires galvanized fence posts and leveling collars. The galvanized fence posts can be driven into the ground to the desired length. When pounding the posts into the ground, try to get them as plumb as possible.

It is recommended to slide the leveling collars on the fence posts prior to pounding them into the ground. This is because there is a small chance of a "mushrooming" effect on some posts that may make it harder to slide the collars on after striking the pounded end. Each vinyl fence post will require two post-leveling collars. Each of these collars has an inner and an outer ring. The inner ring will fasten onto the fence post. The outer ring will hold the vinyl fence post straight up.

Once the posts are in the ground with the post collars on, fasten the smaller inner ring onto the post. Use a self-tapping screw. Afterward, use a level and secure the large rings on all ends and corner posts. Make sure these are plumb in both directions. These large rings can make small adjustments to make sure the fence is straight, so don't fret if the galvanized posts are not perfectly plumb.

Use a string to run the length of the fence for both of the post collars. Use the string as guidance to install the collars on the remaining posts. Once they are all installed, simply slide the square vinyl fence posts over the top and finish the installation like you normally would.

Installation Instructions

Using vinyl fence post collars are a fantastic way to speed up the installation process. There's no digging required, and you won't get messy with mixing and pouring cement. This also translates to less labor needed for installing the vinyl fence. If something were to break and you need to replace a fence section, all it takes is unscrewing some screws and sliding the post off. A no-dig solution to installing a vinyl fence is a great option that anyone looking to install a vinyl fence should consider. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please reach out to one of our trained sales representatives.

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