Low Profile Post Trim

Post Skirt For Vinyl Fence

Want to add the finishing touch to your vinyl deck, porch, or pergola but do not want something too bulky or obnoxious? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Our low-profile trim offers the right design for outdoor vinyl pieces without being too cumbersome. Like our other post skirts, our low-profile trim comes in two- and one-piece styles to make installation a breeze.

Crafted from the same virgin vinyl as our other vinyl products, these low-profile post skirts are built to keep your outdoor space looking fabulous. Unlike other brands that use low-grade vinyl, ours are made to withstand the elements and will not chip, warp, or discolor over time. We are also proud to say they are designed and manufactured here in the USA.

We offer our low-profile trim in various colors, but some of the most popular colors are white, khaki, and almond. Most likely, we will carry the color you are looking for. These post skirts can be easily spray-painted to the exact color you want. However, please note that they cannot be returned once they have been painted. We also offer a range of sizes to meet the needs of all our customer’s outdoor projects.

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