Is there a Shortage of Fence Materials?

Between early 2020 and late 2022, there was a shortage of all manufacturing materials, including various fence materials. The COVID-19 pandemic put stress on all industries but halted construction projects. COVID-19 caused the price of fence materials to soar, as materials were not being produced or transported. Meanwhile, the desire to complete home projects caused the demand to surpass the availability of materials.

Increased Demand for Fencing Materials

The demand for fencing materials spikes substantially during this time. Between 2020 and 2021, the demand for wood fencing grew by 270%, chain link by 153%, and aluminum, iron, and steel fencing grew by 400%. The most impressive demand growth was for vinyl fencing, which was 450%. These numbers were likely the peak of fence material demand but have not decreased significantly. Post-pandemic, production, manufacturing, transportation, demand, and pricing for fencing materials have settled, business continues in a relatively more stable economic environment, and homeowners and businesses are reprioritizing. The desire for privacy, safety, and security has been emphasized, and there is no longer a shortage of fence material.

Where to Buy Vinyl Fence Fittings

As previously mentioned, vinyl fencing had the highest growth in demand among fence materials. Vinyl Fence Fittings offers the largest selection of affordable vinyl fence fittings, parts, accessories, and tools to complete the assembly of your vinyl fence and enhance its functionality. Our products are always in stock, are proudly made in the USA, and range from post caps and skirts to gate hardware, ADA railing systems, decorative elements, support and stability parts, small hardware parts, and installation tools.

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