How To Mount Vinyl Railing On A Wood Post

Rail Mount Bracket

Each fence installation is unique. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the correct information on what parts are needed for the job and how to install them properly. To help our customers achieve the best fence possible, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and created a how-to-do list. A question we commonly receive is: “How can I mount a vinyl railing onto a wood post?” Our answer is using rail mount brackets.

What Are Rail Mount Brackets?

Rail mount brackets are vinyl pieces designed to effectively mount deck and stair railings to posts or other outdoor surfaces. Commonly these brackets come in a U-shape and allow the railing, when properly measured, to perfectly slide into place and create the ideal railing system. These brackets can be used to mount vinyl railing to any outdoor structure, like wood posts, decking, or even the side of a building.

How To Install a Mounting Bracket?

The most important detail for mounting vinyl railing to any surface comes long before you begin the installation. To ensure you are setting yourself up for success, properly measure the size of your railing. Knowing the correct size of your railing is imperative to the success of your installation, as the railing is designed to slide into the bracket and have a snug fit perfectly. Once you have fully measured your railing and purchased the correct size mounting bracket, the real fun can begin.

To mount your railing to the wood post, first mark where you would like the railing to be placed. After marking, you can install the mounting brackets into their needed locations using wood-tapping screws. There are pre-drilled holes in the mounting brackets to indicate where the screws should be set. Once the brackets have been installed you can then place your railing.

This same installation information can be modified for any other vinyl railing mounting installation. The biggest modification to be aware of is knowing what screws will be needed to properly hold the brackets to the surface you want to install.

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