Does Vinyl Fence Expand And Contract?

Vinyl Fence Broken From Contraction

In the past, you may have heard horror stories of vinyl fence expanding and contracting, making it a non-durable material. However, vinyl fence, specifically high-quality virgin vinyl fence, is not likely to expand and contract a lot. Vinyl, out of all the fence materials, is one of the most durable on the market. A vinyl fence will not split or crack due to water damage compared to wood.

Vinyl Fence Expanding And Contracting

Despite high-quality vinyl fences not expanding or contracting as much as a cheaper recycled alternative, vinyl fences will still expand slightly when the weather is extremely hot or cold. This is okay and will not damage your fence if installed correctly. If your fence panels are placed too tightly along the posts, you may experience warping or buckling when the fence expands. This will damage your fence and cause you to purchase replacement parts earlier than usual.

To stop this unfortunate problem, allow a few millimeters of extra space when fence panels are installed. If you are considering installing a vinyl fence, hiring a professional during the spring or fall to place a fence in your backyard is far better. The colder winter months will cause your fence to contract and change where your fence panels will go. Therefore, the season you will install your fence is an imperative consideration.

Installing The Ideal Vinyl Fence

Remember that when installing your vinyl fence, you’ll need to leave room for expansion and contraction for the reasons above. Therefore, vinyl fence installation is more precise than installing a wooden fence. If you do not feel as confident installing this fence type, hiring a professional can alleviate the stress of needing to reinstall a fence due to expansion and contraction issues. Also, expansion or contraction may be more prominent in an extremely cold or hot climate.

Vinyl Fence Post Depth

Another consideration is how deep your posts should sit in the ground. Place the post below frost depth if you experience frost or freezing in the ground. The cold may cause your fence to heave if this is not done.

Vinyl Fence Installation Requirements

In summary, when installing your fence to avoid expansion and contraction, install your fence in temperate weather and allow enough room for your fence panels. Also, ensure your posts are deep enough in the ground to avoid frost depth.

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