Do Vinyl Posts Need Wood Inserts?

Vinyl Fence In Residential Area

If you’re thinking of reinforcing your vinyl fence, you may believe wooden inserts are an excellent reinforcement for your fence. However, while wood may seem durable and robust, other vinyl fence insert alternatives are far better for your vinyl fence and do not have the issues that wood may bring.

Many professional installers do not recommend this vinyl fence installation method due to the negative factors.

Why Is Wood Not Great As An Insert For Viny Posts?

First, water is a big issue since wood is a natural material. Even if you prepare your posts perfectly for drainage and aeration, this does not guarantee that wood will not rot on the inside. Vinyl is a more water-resistant material, so as the wood rots and corrodes on the inside, the vinyl may still look fine. This will cause unstable posts that may be dangerous if someone leans on them.

Wood does far better on wood fences than as inserts in a vinyl fence. Since wood fences do not have any coverings, they let the wood breathe. While wood may be a cheaper alternative to metal posts or post stiffeners, it will cost you more in the long run.

Alternatives To Wood Inserts For A Vinyl Fence

The best alternatives for strengthening a vinyl fence are aluminum post stiffeners or metal posts under vinyl post sleeves.

Aluminum Post Stiffeners

Aluminum post stiffeners are made from long-lasting aluminum and inserted into vinyl posts for more stability and durability. This is the best method to keep your post in place if you live near a coastal area prone to high winds. It’s easy to install; insert the stiffener into the vinyl post and proceed as if installing a traditional vinyl fence.

Using Metal Posts And Donuts

Another method that works well is using a metal post, usually the same post associated with chain link fencing and other installation methods. The metal post is kept in a vinyl post using a donut. These donuts are available in various sizes and are made to facilitate a metal post-to-vinyl post installation.

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