Do Vinyl Fences Have Wood Posts?

Vinyl Fence Installation

Yes, vinyl fencing can have wood posts. Vinyl fencing can also have metal posts. Vinyl fencing, particularly vinyl posts, are designed to cover a more solid post, like wood or metal, giving the structure stability while providing the external vinyl appearance. Vinyl fencing can have wood posts, whether you are installing wood posts as a strong internal stabilizer for your vinyl fence or want to replace an existing wood fence with vinyl.

Can Vinyl Fencing Replace My Wood Fence?

If you want a new look, vinyl fencing is a great option. Vinyl fencing provides a clean and sometimes ornamental visual, durable, and easy to install. Vinyl is made of PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, which is scientific for super-durable material. It differs from PVC because it has UV inhibitors to prevent the plastic from sun damage. To "replace” your wood fence with vinyl, you will want to leave the terminal and line posts standing, removing the intermediate fencing sections. Then, you can use the remaining wood posts as stabilizers for your vinyl fencing and continue installing the vinyl fencing with its posts already in place. This is what is what we refer to as the "no-dig” vinyl fence installation method.

No-Dig Vinyl Fencing

Building no-dig vinyl fencing does actually require digging, but the vinyl itself will not be buried. If starting from scratch, vinyl fencing will require that you dig holes for concrete or gravel to be poured into for a stabilizer post, also called post mounts, to be placed. Then, the vinyl post, referred to as a "post sleeve,” is placed over the stabilizer post. Again, the stabilizer post can be wood, or it can be metal, often steel.

The term no-dig also comes from the concept that vinyl fencing can be installed over preexisting fencing. If you are looking to replace your wood fence with vinyl, it is as simple as purchasing the appropriately sized vinyl post sleeve to cover your existing structure. Suppose you are looking to revamp the columns on your porch without the hassle of painting again. In that case, Vinyl Fence Fittings has Vinyl Porch Post Wraps that can be placed around the existing column, snapping together around the column rather than having to be slid over as you would with a fence post.

What You Might Need To Convert Your Wood Fence or Columns

To convert your wood fence to a vinyl fence, you will need:

To convert your wood porch column to a vinyl column, you will need:

If you would like to learn more about how to transform an existing fence into a vinyl fencing system, feel free to visit our Resources Hub or reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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