Different Vinyl Fence Colors

One of the many perks of installing a vinyl fence is the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. This means that, unlike wood fences that need to be stained and repainted throughout the years, vinyl fence is designed with predetermined color that is mixed into the vinyl material making it resilient to fading or discoloring over time. While many people love the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl fences, choosing which color they would like for their fence for the next 20-30 years can be overwhelming.

Vinyl fence comes in almost every color imaginable, however, when selecting your fence color, it is important to imagine the fence long term. Over the years your outdoor aesthetic might change, and you want your fence to blend well with multiple styles. Due to this, many people often choose natural fence colors.

tan and white vinyl fence

Popular Vinyl Colors

As mentioned above, vinyl fences can be offered in any color if you decide to special order them. That includes, black, pink, purple, blue, and the list goes on. Though these custom colors are fun and unique, they do paint your outdoor space into one type of style that cannot be changed unless you decide to redo your fence. That is why many people choose neutral colors when selecting their vinyl fence. Within the vinyl fence industry, there are four main colors that customers often choose from, that include:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Biege
  • Khaki

These four colors provide the perfect amount of color to your yard without taking away from other features or forcing you to stick with one kind of style.

Ways To Mix It Up

While some people are fine with having a single-tone fence, others would like to add their own unique style without having to use different colors. An easy way to put your own flare to your vinyl fence is to use two different colors. This provides a sleek and one-of-a-kind-looking fence that will stand out without having obnoxious colors. Many people achieve this look by having their posts and caps be a different color than the rest of their fences.

Vinyl Fence Parts

At Vinyl Fence Fittings we offer a wide selection of vinyl fence parts in all the top four colors as mentioned above. For those that are looking for a completely different color fence, please contact one of our sales associations and we can help you place a custom order.

For those who cannot decide on which color they would like for their fence or want to see what colors look best together, we do offer color samples that can be purchased and shipped directly to you so you can test which color works best for your outdoor space.

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