The Complete Vinyl Fence Parts Guide

Vinyl Fence Properties, Parts, & Pieces

Vinyl Fence is rapidly becoming a popular alternative for perimeter security. It is a durable, low-maintenance option with many options for customizing the style and color that best matches your outdoor aesthetic. Vinyl Fences are plastic but made explicitly with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This quality material reduces the required maintenance and hazards from toxic weathering chemicals, splinters, and nails compared to wood or metal fences and increases its durability giving your fence longevity and flexibility.

Even though the vinyl fence is easy to install, it can feel like a daunting task as you begin to shop, plan, and design your fence. Whether purchasing a brand-new fence or looking for replacement parts, knowing the most common parts of vinyl fence you need is one of the most critical steps.

Vinyl Fence Posts

Posts are one of the essential factors for vinyl fences. Posts are thick, vertical structures that give the fence stability and are responsible for holding the pickets and rails in place. They are the most extended portion of your fence because they need to be installed with about 1/3 of the post buried and secured with gravel and concrete.

Post Types:

  • End Posts: These are used at the ends of fencing runs and between gates.
  • Corner Posts: These are used for 90-degree angled fencing runs.
  • Line Posts: These are used at the ends of each fence section and will be crucial for supporting and allowing the vinyl fence panels to stand straight up.
  • 3-Way Posts: These are used to continue a fencing run while also turning a corner.
  • Gate Posts: These support a gate in between fence sections. Gate posts are typically built to be sturdier than typical posts because they have to support the weight of the gate they are attached to.
  • Blank Posts: These are used for the non-hinged sides of a gate that does not have a fence panel attached to it. When used for the opposite side of a gate post, these typically will have a latch receiver installed onto them.

Post Accessories

You can easily add class and style to your fence by adding high-quality vinyl post caps and post skirts. With our collection of vinyl post caps and vinyl post skirts, you can make your fence stand out, and because we have so many different styles, we are sure you'll find one that suits your property! We're proud to offer our vinyl accessories at an affordable price and won't break the bank while still being the highest quality available on the market today.

Post Caps

Vinyl Post Caps are a stylish, economical choice for topping every type of vinyl fence post. There are many options for a wide range of different fence colors and styles with both internal and external fitting vinyl post caps. Post caps act as a barrier on top of the post and protect the interior portion of a post, keeping water and other debris from penetrating the post, and preventing build-up and potential damage. Our massive collection of vinyl post caps are incredibly easy to install and once they're in place, bolster both a fence's look and performance.

Post Skirts

Post Skirts add an attractive decorative touch to a vinyl fence post. We offer Post Skirts in both one- and two-piece models for easy installation with many applications. Additionally, we offer multiple color options so you can find the perfect Post Skirt to fit your project. Slide them into place at the foot of a vinyl fence post, and the curb appeal of any fencing project receives a significant boost.

Vinyl Fence Sections

The vinyl pickets or sections are the vertical structures installed between the posts. They come in many different sizes, styles, and designs. The type of section style needed is based on its function and desire for privacy. A vinyl fence also allows for an aesthetic design at the top of the fence section, such as a lattice design, giving you a customizable fence design.

Common Vinyl Fence Styles

As shown in the different styles of vinyl fences above, you can see that the actual sections of each vinyl fence can be vastly different depending on which type the fence is. For example, a vinyl horse fence will be constructed using horizontal rails that run between the fence posts. On the other hand, vinyl privacy fence sections will need to be built by attaching the panels to the top, bottom, and sometimes even middle rails depending on the style and how much structural integrity is necessary.

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Vinyl Fence Rails

Vinyl fence rails are a horizontal structure that homes the vertical sections or pickets—the number and type of rails required depends on the vinyl fence style. Typically, a vinyl privacy fence will have a top and bottom rail, while a picket fence will have a middle and bottom rail, not to take away from the classic pointed design.

Rail Types:

  • Top Rail: The top panel runs across the length of the section, creating a sleek fence top.
  • Middle Rail: The middle rail, if needed, should be installed in the middle or slightly below the top of the fence section/pickets.
  • Bottom Rail: The bottom rail holds the pickets or fence section in place from the bottom.

  • The horizontal rails need to be supported using heavy-duty rail mount brackets that lift and reinforce the horizontal rails on vinyl fence sections. We are happy to assist our customers in helping to find the right type of brackets for their vinyl fence. Because of how many different fencing styles there are, we carry multiple colors that will color match existing installations and various bracket styles engineered using highly durable vinyl that ensures long-lasting performance. Our Rail Mount Brackets are sold at the lowest cost possible to allow our customers to stick to their budgets while creating a fence that will last for years to come.

    Vinyl Fence Gates

    Vinyl Gates are vital for most fencing installations because they function as a convenient access point that allows entry into a closed-off perimeter. They are usually installed as single and double gates, and the style of the gate will depend on your fence section's type. Each section style will usually have a matching gate style that maintains the vinyl fence's aesthetic tone. Gates are often sold in a kit with all of the components needed and can typically be installed in any vinyl fencing application where entry and exit are needed.

    Vinyl Fence Gate Installation
    Vinyl Fence Gate Installation
    Vinyl Fence Gate Installation
    Vinyl Fence Gate Installation

    Gate Hardware and Accessories

    Vinyl Gate Kits usually have hinges and a latch or drop-rod that act as closing and locking mechanisms. However, these parts will wear down through repeated use and eventually break. Don't worry, though; we've got you covered! We strive to provide parts and accessories that match the gates' sturdiness and durability. Our Gate Frame Components are perfect for repairing old, worn-down gates and increasing their functionality and stability. The essential components for the framework of a vinyl gate include gate sockets, gate brackets, handles, gate corners, and much more. We carry these in various colors and styles to match the gate and fence's original design. Additionally, our top-of-the-line Stainless Steel and Nylon Gate Hardware add a layer of additional security to any installation and keep gates functioning at an elite level.

    Vinyl Fencing is the perfect solution, whether it's for adding a touch of class, improving perimeter security, or simply adding a layer of privacy to your yard. A vinyl fence is an excellent option for providing durability, minimal maintenance, low cost, and ease of installation. Now that you know the most common parts and accessories for vinyl fencing, Reach Out To Our Sales Team to learn more about our complete vinyl fencing parts and accessories product line!

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