Can Vinyl Fence Be Painted?

Whether you are moving to a new home or just in the mood for a change in your outdoor aesthetic, you might be considering the options on how to freshen up the appearance of your vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are built tough and last for decades without chipping, fading, or warping. This is great for many homeowners, however, the design idea of a previous owner or your change in taste might leave you wanting a different look for your outdoor fence and not wanting to completely start over. Luckily, vinyl fences can be painted so you can achieve your perfect outdoor space without the need for a totally new fence.

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How To Paint Your Vinyl Fence

The key to successfully painting your vinyl fence, like any painting project, requires the proper preparation before paint is ever involved. Before painting you should thoroughly clean your fence with a nonabrasive soap and rinse clean by spraying it with a hose. After cleaning your vinyl fence, you might even reconsider painting it as the true quality and color is able to now fully shine through.

However, if still want to paint your fence allow it to fully dry before beginning the painting process. This will prevent any chances of the paint running or not being able to fully adhere to the fence slats. When your fence is fully dried it is time to start painting.

Instead of grabbing for the traditional paint can and brush, we highly recommend using a paint sprayer. Most big-box hardware stores allow you to rent them, so you do not have to worry about the expense price tag or the need to store another piece of equipment after the project is finished. Paint sprayers not only make quick work of painting jobs but are also helpful tools in making sure the paint is evenly applied onto the fence. When using the paint sprayer be sure to keep the nozzle a foot away from the fence, this will prevent the paint from building up in certain areas. We also recommend that while painting spray pickets and slats of the fence vertically, while rails should be sprayed horizontally.

Best Type Of Paint To Use

Whether you are going for a statement color or want something more natural looking for your vinyl fence, be sure to choose the correct paint. The best paint to use for painting a vinyl fence is epoxy-based acrylic paint. Unlike latex or oil-based paints, epoxy-based paint is able to expand or contract which is needed for vinyl fences so the color does not chip or crack over time. It is also best practice to prime your fence before applying any paint to it. This will ensure the paint will really stick to the slats and rails. Be sure to choose a primer that is specifically designed for vinyl materials.

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