Can I Remove a Vinyl Post Cap That Is Glued On?

Vinyl Post Cap Glued to Vinyl Fence Post

Vinyl fence glue is specially formulated to adhere vinyl to vinyl. The adhesive is made up of high-quality solvents that prevent it from adhering to other materials easily and yellowing or weakening over time. Offered in colors that match popular vinyl fencing color choices, this glue is guaranteed to provide a strong bond and seamless appearance. To secure a vinyl post cap to a vinyl fence or railing post, squeeze ample glue around the inside perimeter of the post cap and slide it onto the top of the post.

Please note: We recommend that you only use this adhesive on traditional, hollow post caps that may otherwise easily be blown or knocked off the post. We do not recommend using vinyl glue on lighted post caps, as you may need to access the components of these post caps. Lighted post caps are a bit heavier than traditional post caps and, thus, are less likely to be blown or knocked off easily.

How to Remove a Glued on Vinyl Post Cap

If you desperately need to remove a vinyl post cap you have glued onto the fence post, there is a solution, but you must be careful. The vinyl glue is chemically bonded with the vinyl post cap, but you can break this chemical bond with acetone. You can use or purchase pure acetone, or if you have a nail polish remover with acetone, you can use it.

Removing a Glued Vinyl Post Cap

  • Soak a Q-tip or thin rag in acetone.
  • Carefully press the acetone against the glue; it should begin to dissolve or at least soften.
  • Carefully pull the post cap off the fence or rail post.
  • Once the post cap is off, you can continue using acetone to remove the adhesive. If it is stubborn, you can carefully scrape it off with a putty knife or razor blade.

If the acetone is not working as quickly as you would like, you can also soften the glue with a household cleaner, denatured alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.

Please use caution while attempting to remove a vinyl post cap that is adhered to the post. If you have more questions regarding vinyl fencing, please explore our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content or reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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