Can A Vinyl Fence Be Installed On Uneven Ground?

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While installing a fence usually takes place in even ground, sometimes landscape features such as hills or uneven terrain may make it much more difficult to install your vinyl fence. If so, you can follow the racking or stepped method for installing your vinyl fence. If you’re unsure what this is or how it is possible, racking and stepped fence installations are popular methods for ensuring your vinyl fence follows the pattern of the area around it.

How To Rack A Vinyl Fence

Depending on the grade change, installing a racked vinyl fence may be easy or more complicated. Unique panels that already offer a slope can be purchased, so this process is less complex. If the angle exceeds 10 degrees, you may need to trim the rails of your fence to fit in with the rest of your fence. If your slope exceeds 15 degrees, it is preferable to contact a professional fence installer to see what solution they can find to set up the vinyl fence.

To rack a vinyl fence:

  1. Elongate the routing with a handsaw or another tool.
  2. Set the posts with concrete.
  3. Attach vinyl panels to posts (install each panel or picket one at a time).

What Is A Stair-Stepped Fence

The Stair-stepped method for vinyl fences involves using panels of the same height and width but placing each panel slightly below the previous one to create a “stepped” appearance. All your panels should still be level and not follow the hill or slope you will build your vinyl fence on. While this is an excellent method, some people prefer racking a fence because there are fewer gaps under it. The racking method makes sense if you have pets in your household prone to escape under a fence.

What Happens If My Slope Is More Than 10 Degrees?

If you still plan on installing your fence despite a steep slope, you should enlarge the holes in the posts and rails. This is a little more complicated, so if you do not feel comfortable installing a fence, it’s better to leave this to a contractor. However, remember that different fence sizing will require various sizes of holes, so keep this in mind. All your vinyl fence holes must be the same size to create a symmetrical fence.

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