Are Vinyl Fences Durable?

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Since vinyl fences are lightweight, you may mistake this lightness for a downgrade regarding durability. However, vinyl fence is more robust than you may think. And sometimes, even some added flexibility that allows your fence to bend slightly might be a positive for high-wind areas. If you’re wondering how vinyl fence compares to wood or chain link, it has positives and negatives that may make it great for your residential home.

Strength In Vinyl Fence Flexibility

While you usually associate flexibility with weakness, flexibility is a good thing to have for any fence. Just like any all-star athlete can tell you, there is a definite advantage when flexibility and strength are combined. If you have a too rigid fence, instead of bending when winds at 90 mph come at it, it will break and cost you more. Vinyl is one of the fence types that can handle heavy winds and not break.

Increased Protection Against Weather Elements

If you live in hot and cold temperatures, you know that some fence materials, such as wood, will expand and contract based on the season. This could leave you with a fence gate that no longer fits right or cracks that need to be repaired. On the other hand, since vinyl fences are made from PVC with UV inhibitors, they will not change their size or color over time. Some vinyl fences last a lifetime if taken care of properly!

Add Extra Protection To Your Vinyl Fence

A lot of what makes a vinyl fence durable is how it is installed. When used in high-wind areas, you can add components such as post stiffeners to give your fence a solid foundation. These post stiffeners are easy to install and can be slid into a vinyl post before setting the vinyl post in a concrete base.

Additionally, here are some considers to take when creating a durable vinyl fence:

  • Higher fences withstand more wind force
  • Add a windscreen or windbreakers to help reduce wind damage
  • Make sure all installed components (post caps, clips, and post skirts) are secured and not loose
  • Add fasteners that can resist high winds and are made of high-quality materials

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